Acrylic Dip Powder Dipping System 4 + 4 Starter Kit Set for Nail Art Design Colour Kit - Red & Pink J762

Lavender Violets
Dipping System
Nude Color,Powder,No need for nail lamp
14ml x 4 bottles + 14g x 4 Dip Powder
Wear Time:
2-3 weeks
with retail box

For salon customers, please contact our customer service staff for the wholesale price list.
Email address: service@lavenderviolets.com

Step guide:

1. File your nails, remove the cuticle from your nails. Dry and clean your nails, make sure your nails are oil-free.

2. Apply base coat to nail making sure to cover the entire surface of the nail, then dip the color powder.

3. Waiting for naturally dry of a short time, you can also apply the Activator to speed drying.

4. Use the file polish to get a smooth backside. Apply the Top Coat makes nails surface glossy and shiny(apply twice).

Applying skills:

Step2 can repeat, dipping 2 layers of powder to achieving full coverage of color.

Ensure top of the bottle are cleaned up properly after use to avoid stuck.

Scrape the bottleneck with the brush to get the thinner application.

How to Remove:

Step 1. Use a nail file to file top coat.

Step 2. Remover package Wrap well around the fingernails.

Step 3. Wait about for 10-15 minutes.

Step 4. Take off the foil and remove it with cuticle pusher.

Package Included:

1 x Base

1 x Activator

1 x Top

1 x Brush Saver

4 x Dip Powder

x PVC Box

Instruction Manual