4 X Poly Gel French Nail Polish with Slice Shape Tool n False Nail Tips Starter Kit

$39.99 set
999 items available


4 x 30g polygel 

1 x dual-ended slice shape tool

100 x false nail tips (10 sizes included)


1. Poly gel is supposed to help you do nail design even you do not have pretty nails.

2. You could change nail type freely with our poly gel.

3. Quick extension and long lasting would save your much time on nail art.


1. Prepare the nail, file, dry and buff the nail. Use sponge rubbing to polish inside and edge roundly.

2. Apply a thin base coat gel. Cure with LED lamp for 30s or UV lamp for 60s.

3. Choose suitable size of the mold tip.

4. Apply adequate amount of the poly gel on the mold tip with slip solution.

5. Put the mold tip to your nail. Cure with LED lamp for 60s or UV lamp for 120s.

6. Remove the mold tip after dry, extend a molding.

7. Apply a thin top coat gel. Cure with LED lamp for 30s or UV lamp for 60s.

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